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Amish Country Low Sodium Natural Swiss Cheese - 8oz

Below you will find sources for Cheese, deli meat and breads. All information has been supplied to me by customers across the country. I have not verified them all but check them out. Thanks to all contributors.
Heluvagood Quality Foods
They ship mail order, or you can find their products in stores, mostly in the Eastern States. You can call them at 1-800-445-0269. They also have a sodium free horseradish sauce that is very good. Make sure and tell them Healthy Heart Market sent you.
Alpine Lace
This is a nationally distributed brand of cheeses that offers a number of reduced sodium choices. The most popular, and lowest sodium is their Swiss. You can find it in the deli section of many supermarkets. They also have some reduced sodium deli meats, but I have yet to find them in this area. Mail order and Internet sales of fresh cheeses. They have 3 low sodium versions, mozzarella, fresh goat cheese, and fresh ricotta. All orders must be shipped overnight due to the fact they are fresh cheeses. Give them a call at 1-800-798-2954.
Friendship Cheeses
This company makes low sodium Cottage Cheese and a reduced sodium Farmer Cheese. They are primarily distributed in NY, NJ, CT, MA, FL and Atlanta, GA. They can be found in other parts of the country. In the Midwest the distributor is European Imports at (773) 227-0600. You can mail order their Farmer cheese from Chicopee Provisions at 1-800-924-6328.
Biazzo Mozzarella
This company makes a no salt added fresh mozzarella. It is distributed in the New York City area and also through Sam’s Club Stores. Weyauwega Star Dairy This dairy makes a low-sodium Cheddar-like cheese, low-sodium Muenster; low-sodium Farmer's Cheese; each of these only have 50mg of sodium in a 1 oz serving. This cheese is priced comparable to regular cheeses on the market and tastes great! We use it for our great tasting low-sodium tacos and grilled cheese sandwiches, as well as in salads and casseroles! I have found this cheese at Logli (Schnuck's) and at Woodman's in Rockford, IL. You can contact the dairy at: PO Box 658, Weyauwega, WI 54983. 920-867-2870
Shop Rite
Shop Rite (in the NE U.S.) carries a store brand no-salt-added cheddar cheese. It's not available in all stores, though. Deli Meat Boar’s Head Meat and Cheeses Boar's Head has several low sodium and no salt cheeses including Lacy Swiss with only 35 mg per serving but they have one at 10 mg. They also have roast beef down to 40 mg per serving! 1-800-352-6277.
Dietz & Watson
Dietz & Watson, a provider of deli meats to supermarkets, makes a No Salt Added Turkey Breast. According to their Web site, the sodium count is 55 mg per 2 oz. serving. I actually found it in a Shop Rite supermarket (a chain here in the Northeast).
In a health food store in Tampa, FL a customer found Ham from Nature's Harvest Market (813-873-7428). She could not remember the exact sodium content, but thought it was around 50 mg per serving.
Stephanie from IL sent me the following note:
Sounds to good to be true but start hunting. HAM! I think the brand is "Virginia Brand." I found it at the deli at Whole Foods. You can get it either custom-sliced or prepackaged in 8 oz packages. 25 mg sodium per OUNCE - so 75 mg per 3 oz. which beats the 900 + mg per 3 oz serving for "regular" hams. It is expensive, but for those occasional times you need a little ham taste, it is indispensible! Thanks Stephanie!
The only place I have found that makes low sodium bread in Minneapolis is the upscale grocery store in town, Byerly's. I can get a few different types, including egg bread. Take a look around your town and read the labels, maybe you can get lucky. If not, here are a couple of alternatives.
Toufayan Bakeries
Rich from New Jersey tuned me into a no salt added pita bead. He especially likes the whole wheat variety. They don't take credit cards only cash or check but they are willing to do business via snail mail. They are located in North Bergen N.J. Telephone number 201-861-4131. Thanks Rich
Food For Life Baking Company
Low Sodium Sprouted Grain Bread; This bread in available throughout the country including Whole Foods.
Alvarado St. Bakery
No salt bread from Alvarado St. Bakery. It is whole grain and 100% delicious. Their phone number is (707)585-3293. Try it, you'll love it, and so will the other no salties out there.
And here is a tip from Bill in AZ!
For folks living in the southwestern part of the country [I live in AZ], there is a large grocery store chain called FRY'S. This chain has an in store bakery and they sell a sodium free white bread that is very good. It is less than 5mgs of sodium per slice. The only bad part of it is that it tends to go bad pretty quick because of no salt to help preserve it. I take the bread out of the plastic loaf and put it 2 slices per small freezer baggie and keep it frozen until near time to use it. Or, it can be thawed in about 30 seconds in the microwave.
Giant Store
A customer has found white bread and whole wheat bread at The Giant Store in Hunt Valley, in the Baltimore area. It is their store brand No Salt Added bread and has only 10 mg. of sodium per slice. My husband, who is the CHF patient, thinks it tastes fine. I don't know if it is available anywhere else, but there are Giant Stores in the Baltimore and Washington areas. Another customer found a low sodium pita bread from the Garden of Good Eatin' - 30 mgs per pita. These are very good and can be frozen. The bread does need to be kept in the fridge, but it is very good when heated up.
At Safeway Stores they have a brand called Mrs. Wright's low sodium bread with 5mg. Sodium per slice. The UPC number is 21130-18069.
Whole Foods

I found a great low-sodium Turkey Breast at Whole Foods in Winston-Salem, NC.  This tip is from our customer Jim K., N.C.  Thanks Jim.


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