Case of 12 Healthy Heart Market No Salt Bread & Butter Pickle Chips - 32oz

NEW Case of 12 - 32oz Jar!

A delicious sodium free Bread & Butter Pickle chip! Perfect for sandwiches, burgers, or just something guilt-free to snack on! Our pickles are hand packed and made with the finest ingredients. Best when served chilled. You will be delighted just how good a sodium free pickle can be!

Nutritional Facts:
Serving Size: 1oz (28g/6 slices)
Servings per Container: 20
Calories: 10
Calories from Fat: 0
Total Fat: 0g
Total Carbohydrate:2g
Sugar: 2g

Ingredients: Cucumbers, Water, Distilled Vinegar, Sugar, Calcium Chloride, Mustard Seed, Celery Seed, Onion, Crushed Chili, Natural Flavor and Yellow #5
12 - 32oz Glass Jar