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February is the American Heart Association's designated "Heart Month", and as it draws to an end, we at Healthy Heart Market want to remind you that we are a family owned company, dedicated to helping our customers in everyway possible. So in that spirit, we hope you enjoy our selection of links to research, news, and relevant media about low sodium food and heart health. We try to stay up to date with the latest news about heart health, and we thought we would share some of that knowledge with you.


"Heart and Vascular Health & Prevention" - A great article for those who have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure or a heart condition. (Clevelandclinic)

"Daily diet soda tied to higher risk for stroke, heart attack" (MSNBC)

"Obesity increases risk of deadly heart attack" (WebMD)


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Other News

- 4C's Bread Crumbs are now back in stock.

- We have a few new products that will be added to our inventory in the next couple days. They are four different varieties of Paskesz Wholegrain Rice Cakes, much like our Paskesz Whole Wheat Squares.


A couple of quick updates for our customers this Friday.


Now back in stock

-Herb-Ox Beef Bouillon in a jar

-Antonina's Almond Florentines with Dark Chocolate

-Simply Serve Pureed Chicken with Chicken Broth


Healthy Heart Market's Checkout process has been shortened from four pages down to only one page to simplify the Checkout process. If you have any questions or need help with the new Checkout process, be sure to give us a call at (763) 262-2020 between the hours of 9 AM to 3 PM.


In order to help customers track their orders more easily, we have removed the option to order as a guest. When you register a new account, and place an order using that account, you can return to view your order history. To view this history, you only need to return to our site and login using the same information you registered with. This will also make it easier for us to reference your order if you call in with any questions.

Free Account Registration


And again, if you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a call at (763) 262-2020.


Over the last 2 months we have been slowly updating our website. Tomorrow though, we plan on launching a brand new homepage design. It should make it much easier to navigate around the site right from the home page. We hope you like the change!


Also, we will be receiving a couple shipments in the next few days of products that have been out of stock. Keep an eye out for these to come back in stock within this week.

- 4C No Salt Bread Crumbs

- Chipotle Del Sol Southwest Seasoning

- Diana's Veggie Pineapple Salsa


The cold weather has stopped shipments of the Diana's Salsa, due to freezing of jars in the cold, but now that it's warmed up in the midwest we can restock that item. It should be in very soon!




Happy Valentines Day to all of our customers! We hope you enjoy your time with loved ones today. Even though it may be too late for Valentines Day, remember that our products make great presents! Whether it's for a birthday, Christmas, or Mothers Day giving someone Healthy Heart Market's food is always a good idea. A couple of great ideas for gifts...

For the cook...

"Living Well Without Salt CookBook"

"Ener-G Sodium Free Baking Soda"

"Herb-Ox No Sodium Chicken Bouillon 50-pack"


For the snack lover...

"Regal Sunflower Seeds"

"Udi's Original Natural Artisan Granola - No Sodium"


Happy V-Day
Happy Valentines Day from everyone at Healthy Heart Market!



First day of the news feed here at Healthy Heart Market! We have been making major changes to the website lately, including

-changing product categories to be easier to navigate.

-updating category pictures to be easier to see what is in the category at a glance.

-plenty of new products have been loaded to the website, and we are especially excited for our new "Gallo Lea Whole Wheat Low Sodium Pizza Kit".


We have found a new way to ship our pickles, resulting in labels not being pulled off by sticky bubble wrap. You will now get your jar of pickles in a fitted cardboard box within your package.


Our facebook page is now launched. You can find links to it on the top of this page and in the right column. Be sure to like us!


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