The No Salt, Lowest Sodium Living Well Without Salt Cookbook by Donald & Maureen Gazzaniga

This book is Awesome! Written by #1 Selling No Salt, Lowest- Sodium Authors Donald A. Gazzaniga and Maureen A. Gazzaniga. The book has 200 No-Salt Recipes, plus alot of information that anyone who is following a salt restricted diet will find exceptionally helpful!
Here's a few highlights of the information you will find in this 431 page paperback book:
  • Reverse Heart Disease
  • Stop Meniere's Dizziness
  • Prevent or reverse hypertension
  • How to develop a No-Salt lifestyle
  • Carb Choices rating for each recipe
  • Vegetarian rating for each recipe
  • Foreword by Dr. Mechael B. Fowler
  • Introduction by professional chef Scott Leysath
  • Survival lessons learned by the author
  • Vegetarian & Diabetic choices ratings for each recipe
  • How to eat out in America
  • What & where to buy low-Sodium foods
  • 200 of Chef Don's Best Recipes
  • A glossary of terms, foods, nutrients and more

Publisher: Arrowhead Classics Publishing Co. February 2012