So happy I found you on a web search a few months ago. My husband had a stroke in May and he is on a salt and cholesterol restricted diet. This is the only place I can get the special foods he needs for his diet. All the orders I have received to date have been perfect. Everything is packaged extremely well and delivery is quick. My husband is a gravy lover and your chicken and beef gravy mix is awesome. The cheese sauce mix is also awesome and is great over vegetables. I can honestly say from personal experience if anyone is tentative about placing an order don't be. The order process is easy, delivery is fast and all food items are well packed.

- Alma H.


I must say, your products are really great. I went from taking in over 6000-8000mg of sodium every day (Velveeta cheese added to ramen noodles!). Now my sodium intake is less than 1000mg a day. Your products are a main reason why.

- Gary M.


 My order just arrived and I am delighted with every item. It's also so fresh and delicious. I was diagnosed with severe congestive heart failure a few weeks ago and am learning to consume a very low sodium diet. I'm 78 years old and find it hard to leave my home to grocery shop. Even I do go shopping I find the low sodium foods locally to be of an unappetizing quality or no longer fresh. Thank you for sending me these fresh, good foods and I'll be ordering again.

- Gwendolyn M. 


Your package came so quickly!! I have stage 4 Chronic Kidney Failure and my intake must be severely restricted. No salt added pickles are great...I love you have added some variety to a very bland diet. Thanks so much!

- Victoria D. 


I just want to thank you for the fast shipping of my order and the great line of products that you carry! I just discovered your website searching for low salt foods due to a heart condition and I must say that you've just made my life a little easier. Thank you!

- Andrew K. 


Thank you for sending the salad dressing - all bottles arrived today perfectly! I am so happy I found you! When I found out I had high blood pressure, I wanted to change things - with exercise and eating better, things are getting better! I love salad and the Farmer Boy Lite no salt Greek dressing is amazing! I will use it as a marinade for chicken as well! Thanks for your excellent customer service - please don't ever change - many, many thanks!

- Virginia J. 


I just received my first order from you and wanted to comment on how carefully it was packaged...I'm REALLY impressed! And I truly appreciate having you as a resource, as I'm new to the world of cardiac issues and have been appalled at the amounts of sodium in "regular" foods since I started checking labels. So I'm going to have to start cooking again, and I'm sure I'll be back for more items. Thanks again for the great packaging!

- Emily P. 


I love the bars I got. You can't find no salt bars in the store and these were terrific. Glad to have found your site.

~Elvena D. 


Received my order this week and am so excited to find a site selling low/no salt food options. The London Melba Toast is fantastic with fresh avocado. The shopping experience was enjoyable and easy to browse all the wonderful products you offer. Am so glad I found you!! Thank you, 

~Mattie M. 


I made some stir-fry with the teriyaki sauce and the Mrs. Dash Caribbean Seasoning blend. Delicious! Can’t wait to try everything else! I WILL be a return customer! J Thanks!

~Leslie B. 


Great site, nice selection! 

~Vicki S. 


I just received my order. Very well done, very well packed. I am very happy, wish someday to go down to your place. Anxious to try everything I ordered. Thank you.

~Andre A. 


I wanted to thank you for my recent order and for including the pill box. I love your store and your products. Take care.



Thank you for your promptness! I am VERY excited about your website for I am a heart attack survivor and plan to be a regular customer. Best Regards, 



Thank you so much for the excellent customer service! I hope to reorder again soon. 

~ Lisa H. 


I ordered from you a few weeks ago and wanted to tell you how delighted I was with your service! I ordered on Wednesday morning and the package was here before noon on Friday. I couldn't believe it was here so quickly!! 

~Judi B. 


To Healthy Heart Market & the woman who took my order!. . . I wanted to say a sincere thank- you. I received my box today and was so pleased with the products. My husband who can have no sodium really appreciated what he saw and we are eager to use it. So much gratitude to you. 



Thank you. You never know who you are dealing with when you find a resource on the Internet that is new to you. It is reassuring to learn how responsive you are to your customers. Thank you for taking care of this. I'm on a very low sodium diet and was thrilled to find Healthy Heart Market broad selection. I will be stocking up from time to time. By the way, The Garlic Steak Sauce is fabulous! Makes a great seasoning mixed with ground beef for grilled burgers. Thanks again. 



Thank you for shipping my order, everything received. I can hardly wait to start experimenting with baking! Your company is in my "favorites" and I hope to order in the future! 



We are new to REALLY low salt eating, and your stuff is (literally for the patient, as well as figuratively for the cook) life-saving -- and darned tasty, too! 



Your products are great, thanks!



I received my order today and am very pleased with the service and the packaging. I am going to use the low sodium beef bouillon today in a recipe I have been waiting to make. It is nice to know that there a place to buy low sodium products! It is really tough where we live in a small rural town. Thanks again and I know I will be ordering soon again! Sincerely,



Thank goodness I found your website! My husband had bypass surgery 2 weeks ago and I have been searching in local supermarkets for no salt/low sodium products and it has been so discouraging. I look forward to shopping and purchasing from you!!!! Blessings to you, your family and co-workers. 

~Lois A. 


The order arrived quickly. All products I have used so far are GREAT. The BBQ sauce is especially good. Low sodium diets are hard to deal with, you make it easier. Thank you. 

~Lourdes D. 


I don’t know if you do survey’s but wanted to provide you some feedback on my recent order to Healthy Heart Market. It was my first time in purchasing from you and I have to say the experience was EXCELLENT!! The web site was easy to use, ordering was straight forward, I was able to track the shipment, and it arrived in a timely manner. Prior to using your site, I tried one of your competitors and found the experience was just the opposite as I never even received my order. 


Thanks for putting a site like this together. I am on a restricted sodium diet due to heart failure and my choices at the grocery stores are limited. Keep up the good work and thanks again for making my first experience with Healthy Heart Market a very positive one. 



Thank you so much! Can't wait to get started!! Thanks for having an actual person respond! I am looking forward to my first order. Best Regards, 



I just received a notice that my order has shipped! Thank you for the great service. 



The previous low salt company took weeks to ship, and then let me know that many of my items were not available, and never responded to numerous emails or phone calls. I got your site from Dick's, Low Sodium Cook Book and will continue to use your services. My 94 year old mom and my 91 year old aunt are both in CHF and I am cooking with 500 mg of salt or less, a day. My mom's heart doc said that it can't be done, and we are doing it. Thank you, 



I've been buying low sodium and salt free foods from you online for a few years now since being diagnosed with congestive heart failure. You are a true "life saver". I just received my order of salt-free dill pickles, and you have outdone yourselves!!! What a delicious, refreshing, zingy way to satisfy a crunchy salt craving. Thank you so much! Please keep going. 



I am so happy to have found your online store and cannot wait to receive the things I have ordered for my elderly ailing mom. Thank you. 



I am in need of a heart and liver transplant. So of course my sodium content in any foods has to be very low. I just ordered lots of items from your website and I am super excited to try all the new no salt or low sodium items I have ordered. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for giving people like me with sodium restrictions a way to still enjoy food without the salt! 



Thank you so very much! I am so happy! I will definitely be back to place more orders! Thank you and Have a Nice Day! 



Thank you kindly for your prompt response to my message. I was glad to hear from you. I did go to your website today and looked over the items that are listed on it. I am equally amazed and grateful that no sodium/low sodium items are available. I just last week found out about your company's website, as it is listed in the notebook that a heart failure nurse gave us when she came to my husband's hospital room to talk with us about his eating habits. Looking over the items that are listed, it was a real release of freedom to find out that it is possible for him to again eat the foods that he likes to eat. I am truly grateful that these foods can be made with low sodium/no sodium so that people that need it can still eat the foods they have long enjoyed eating. God Bless. 




Thank you for all of the newsletters that I have received from you. Today I received my first order from Healthy Heart Market and wanted to say thank you to everyone as the order was accurate and packed very well. We will be enjoying your products. 

Thank you, a new customer - Mary C. 


I am a heart patient who is on 500 mg per meal and I really appreciate your site and the many great items you carry. Keep up the great work! 



I love the products. It's so hard to find low sodium foods and I am really tired of making everything from scratch. I'm really glad I found your web site. 



Heart Healthy Market shipped to me in Canada. I placed my order on-line through a very easy, painless process. I got notices of the acceptance of my order and when shipped. It was a pleasure shopping at Healthy Heart Market. I bought the Baking Powder,Baking Soda and Cream of Tartar and baked my first no-sodium banana bread yesterday. It was delicious. 



Thank you so much. I love you products and I am very grateful for all the variety of things you have. 



I just received my order. Great packing... and I had to open up the popcorn and microwave it, spray with butter flavored oil, sprinkled a little seasoning on it, and am devouring it... all but about 2 dozen kernels popped and it was tender, and fluffy... THANKS... so glad I found your web site. I am on an almost salt free diet. This helps SO much... thanks again! 



Thank you so much for the availability of so many great no/low sodium products! It's so hard to find a variety of things to eat, and now I can change things up! ~Lori S. Thank you for this site...I too am on a restricted no salt diet and finding this with either no salt or very low salt is to say the least challenging and it shouldn't be that way. There are many people who are restricted and when it's not easily available they resort to bad habits. Thank you...thank you...thank you! 

~Jacqui K. 


Thank you so much!! I really appreciate you going above and beyond for me! I will definitely be back, and will spread the word about your great store!! Have a great week! Thanks again! 



I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate the products and services you provide for me. I am on a restricted low sodium diet and having a place like Healthy Heart Market greatly improves my ability to enjoy life. I also wanted to compliment you on your service delivery. The web site is very easy to use, and the order usually ships within a day, at times the same day. Whoever does the packaging is fantastic. I have never had to return a product due to shipping damage. Great job!! Finally, I appreciate you taking care of your return customers. I received an offer for a $20 gift certificate (a Loyalty Program) this past order as a result of being a good customer. I was in marketing for a fortune 20 company for 30 years and understand how important our customers are to us. HHM definitely gets that concept and overall you rate an A+ with me. 


Keep up the great work and thanks again for providing this essential service for people in my situation!!! 

~Tom R. 

Very happy HHM customer 


I just wanted to say "thanks" to your company for making some good dill pickles. And I always appreciate how quickly & accurately you send my order! Thanks,

~Tina T. 


Hi, I just wanted to thank you and say how much I appreciate having a store like yours! As a disabled person with a rare macular dystrophy and congestive heart failure, I am on a low sodium diet. It is so hard to find low sodium foods in major grocery stores and if they do, it’s super expensive. I'm not way overweight but I do like my food and my favorites happen to include Chinese and pickles. When I found salt free pickles at your site I was ecstatic, jumping for joy! You are good people. God bless you and have a wonderful Christmas! 

~Erik B. 


My order for two cases of Health Valley No-salt Chicken Broth just arrived this afternoon, which was earlier than anticipated, particularly because of the huge storm, "Sandy". The box and the cans of broth were all in excellent condition, and I want you to know that I appreciated your effort in making this order such as success.

When this broth is gone, I know who and where I'll call to re-order. 

Thank you,