Ener-G Baking SODA Substitute, Sodium Free-5.3 oz.

Free of:gluten, wheat, casein, dairy, egg, corn, soy, yeast, nut, rice, potato, sodium, low protein, aluminum
This baking soda substitute is designed specifically for individuals on Kidney Dialysis who must avoid sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, and who require higher intakes of calcium. Ener-G Baking Soda is free of sodium, potassium, aluminum and is high in calcium. Baking soda and baking powder are leavening agents in baked goods. They create the necessary gas for breads, cakes, muffins etc. to rise.

Twice as much Ener-G Baking Soda must be used in place of regular baking soda.

Nutrition Fact:
Serving size: 1 tsp.
Servings per container: 50
Calories: 0
Calories from Fat: 0
Total Fat: 0g
Saturated Fat: 0g
Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 0mg
Potassium: 0mg
Total Carbohydrate: 0g
Dietary Fiber: 0
Sugars: 0g
Vitamin A: 0%
Vitamin C: 0%
Calcium: 80%
Iron 4%
Magnesium: 2%

Ingredients:Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Carbonate.

5.3 ounce container


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  • I called Ener-G to ask about the shelf life, which they told me was 3 years. I bought mine in 2016, but the tag on the jar says best used by 1-23-18. What is the shelf life and is mine still effective?

    Hello, the expiration dates are three years out from manufacture date. So that particular batch must have been made in 2015. What we have been told to test the baking soda is to add some to a bowl and add in some vinegar or lemon juice (something acidic). If it fizzes/reacts then it is still good! 

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