Pacific Organic Unsalted Chicken Stock - 32 oz.

Made with simple, high quality, organic ingredients, and cooked for long hours. The same way it has been done for centuries. Versatile and flavorful, stock can be used to enhance any savory dish. No Genetically Engineered Ingredients, made with chicken raised without the use of antibiotics, gluten free, and only 65mg of sodium per 1 cup. Perfect for making gravies, braising meat, and boost flavor in comfort foods like casseroles!
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 cup
Servings per Container: 4
Calories: 30
Total Fat:0g
Sodium: 65mg
Total Carbohydrate: 1g
Protein: 6g
Potassium: 110mg

Ingredients:Water, Chicken, Onions, Carrots, Celery, Spices, Rosemary Extract (Antioxidant)

32 ounce resealable carton